GPS: Fleet Management System

For long haul businesses, managing fleet is the focal point. Even though the market is flooded with many fleet management solutions, a user still finds it difficult to get a tailor made solution. Infinize provides a complete and comprehensive ‘professional’ Fleet management solution designed to put an end to all your worries.

At Infinize, we understand that managing large fleets, like yours, is not a cake walk. Which is why we do not provide but “design” efficient and robust solutions customized for you, keeping in mind the requisites of managing large fleets such as usability, reliability, integrity, security, scalability, maintainability and the ability to evolve with technology. Acclaimed as one of industry’s best, our solution will help you get optimised fleet performance and hence increase your returns.

Our uniquely architected solutions can be utilized on fleets of all sizes and is ideal for structured companies (Consignor -> Forwarder -> Consignee). With ERP integration, managing short haul fleets has become a reality as well. Idea is that if you manage a fleet, we can design a solution of your choice!
Of all the companies that provide fleet management, only a handful focuses on data analytics. And we have already deep dived into analytics for some of our clients displaying insightful trends for Plant, State and Corporate logistics separately and accurately.

You can rely blind folded on our passionate team of technology masters, operation virtuosos and veteran consultants for data analytics. With first of its kind, we are also confident to boast the ‘Advanced’ data analytics provided by our solution.
In crux, Infinize’s fleet management solution enables you to concentrate on other spheres of business leaving fleet management to us!

Technical Specification
Card Type: EM-ID MID-distance Card·  |   Reading Range: 70-100cm  |   Communication Distance: WG≤ 100M, RS485≤ 1200M, RS232≤ 13M  |  Voltage: DC12V
Current: ≤ 100mA   |   Working Temperature: -10-70 degree   |   Color: Customized   |   Working Humidity: 10%-90%.

Real Time Smart Attendance System

  • Every Day 2 SMS “IN” and “OUT” Will Be Sent To Parents/Guradians.

  • Any required extra SMS will be provided for regular school activity. Like Sudden holiday, FEE Reminder , Result , Exam Date , PT Meeting etc.

  • Online Cloud Based Control Panel with advanced features for Management & Partners.

  • High Critical SMS services [ Registered under Government of India TRAI ]

  • Makes tracking thousands of students at the same time easy.

  • Maintaining students and staff records becomes easier for Management.

  • It is a simple way to conserve students attendance on daily, weekly or monthly & yearly basis.

  • ​Reduces manual efforts of the school management and is highly efficient for record generation. 

RFID - GSM Based Student Gate Access System with SMS notifications

ICT CRF100 series are professional MID & Long Range RFID  Reader cum Access Gate which is designed to manage student access system in the schools &  colleges

· Read indication, LED display, buzzer, digital signal management
· Professional function for output, waterproof and damp proof design, suitable for outside environment
· Glass discharge tube and semiconductor discharge circuit for output
· Excellent materials for all products with strict examination, good consistency and steady capability
· Protected circuit for power to avoid damage by man-made operating error.

Know more about RFID Standlone IN/OUT  cloud based Solution at:

Software Services

ICARD Xpress

Ultimate ICard Printing Software for everyone

Multi format supporting. Import data files in CSV and XLS formats. Maintain fonts and languages of data as it is. Dynamic mapping of data with fields on i card design.

Data Entry
Simplified data entry process with the fields of user’s choice. Make data entry more smarter by just defining type of data field from text, list, time, date, multiline text, etc. Folders/GallerySimplified individual photo selection from folders. ICARD Xpress mobile app takes you to gallery for photo selection.