AADHAAR(UID) Enrollment Kit

Suprema RealScan FG-10 Crossmatch I-SCAN 2

Realscan-10 (UID) is certified for deployment in India’s Uniqu ID (UID) project by Standardization Testing Quality Certification (STQC) Directorate. The certification ensures that these devices are reliable, safe, secure and meet the technical specifications of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Cross Match I Scan 2 dual iris capture scanner
Dual iris capture – both eyes are scanned simultaneously with 1.3 megapixel cameras.
Simple and reliable usage – the optimum focus distance is achieved by placing forehead to the device visor.
Infra-red illumination – allows to capture irises in low-light and totally dark environments.
Folding form-factor – the device can be folded into a solid compact box that is convenient for transportation and also adds extra protection for scanner's internals. The unfolded device has a visor that shields the eyes from direct sunlight.
Durable housing – the device is resistant to shock, vibration, splash and dust.

Technical Specification
Card Type: EM-ID MID-distance Card·  |   Reading Range: 70-100cm  |   Communication Distance: WG≤ 100M, RS485≤ 1200M, RS232≤ 13M  |  Voltage: DC12V
Current: ≤ 100mA   |   Working Temperature: -10-70 degree   |   Color: Customized   |   Working Humidity: 10%-90%.

Real Time Smart Attendance System

  • Every Day 2 SMS “IN” and “OUT” Will Be Sent To Parents/Guradians.

  • Any required extra SMS will be provided for regular school activity. Like Sudden holiday, FEE Reminder , Result , Exam Date , PT Meeting etc.

  • Online Cloud Based Control Panel with advanced features for Management & Partners.

  • High Critical SMS services [ Registered under Government of India TRAI ]

  • Makes tracking thousands of students at the same time easy.

  • Maintaining students and staff records becomes easier for Management.

  • It is a simple way to conserve students attendance on daily, weekly or monthly & yearly basis.

  • ​Reduces manual efforts of the school management and is highly efficient for record generation. 

RFID - GSM Based Student Gate Access System with SMS notifications

ICT CRF100 series are professional MID & Long Range RFID  Reader cum Access Gate which is designed to manage student access system in the schools &  colleges

· Read indication, LED display, buzzer, digital signal management
· Professional function for output, waterproof and damp proof design, suitable for outside environment
· Glass discharge tube and semiconductor discharge circuit for output
· Excellent materials for all products with strict examination, good consistency and steady capability
· Protected circuit for power to avoid damage by man-made operating error.

Know more about RFID Standlone IN/OUT  cloud based Solution at: rfid@inctpl.com

Software Services

ICARD Xpress

Ultimate ICard Printing Software for everyone

Multi format supporting. Import data files in CSV and XLS formats. Maintain fonts and languages of data as it is. Dynamic mapping of data with fields on i card design.

Data Entry
Simplified data entry process with the fields of user’s choice. Make data entry more smarter by just defining type of data field from text, list, time, date, multiline text, etc. Folders/GallerySimplified individual photo selection from folders. ICARD Xpress mobile app takes you to gallery for photo selection.